Terrarium goodness! Taken on two different days. An old glass jar.

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More of Hong Kong! 还照片的香港.

chicken elevator puns

Somebody just brought a live rooster onto the elevator. Alive, still clucking. I kindof wanted to pet it, but I was afraid that it’d get even more freaked out and escape and then I’d be blamed for a loose chicken running around the building. You could say…I was too CHICKEN to touch it. haha

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Submission from fellow Tumblr user

hey there, i’m still new on this blog, and i saw u are in wuhan? wuhan is my hometown and i am now in wuhan for summer break. I was studying in Switzerland and gonna go US after this summer. Do you enjoy wuhan? except for the crazy high temperature? :)

s3diya said: I'm moving there for school at the end of August are you there for school or work? There I mean wuhan lol

I’m here for work, as well as research. But I’m not affiliated with any Chinese university. 

Lantau Island!

Photos from my trip to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong!

In 3 days I’m leaving for Hong Kong! I’m staying in a hostel for 3 days. No couchsurfers were able to host me unfortunately, but the hostel is fine. I might buy an SD card for my phone so I can take pictures, but as of right now I still have no camera :(

以后三天我出发到香港!从十一日到十四日在一间青年旅舍 我下榻。可能我可以买一张SD卡,但是现在我还没有照相机。